Incredibly Fast Neck Pain Relief

Relieve Back Pain and Fix Your Posture the Natural Way

This safe and simple device improves your health and confidence everywhere you go


Live a healthy lifestyle: The Mekato Neck increases blood circulation through your spine which improves your focus, boosts your energy, and helps you breathe better.

Be more attractive: The Mekato Neck helps get rid of humps, droopy shoulders, and potbellies so you appear taller, stronger, and slimmer. Good posture improves your overall confidence and feelings of power, which makes people like you.

Prevent serious back problems: Keeping a straight spine helps prevent osteoporosis, spinal dysfunction, and joint degeneration now, and later in life.

Feel relief anywhere: It’s light and portable so you can use it while doing chores, working on the computer, laying down, running, or doing intensive gym exercises.

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30-Day Guarantee

We make it easy to return. Just call us up if you’re not 100% satisfied to get all of your money back.

24/7 Customer Service

You can reach us at any time if you have a question or concern with your device or shipment.

Fast and Easy Relief

30 seconds or less - simply put on the device like you would a backpack. Tighten the straps, and go about your day pain-free.

The Fastest Way to Spinal Health and Pain Relief

Do you feel tension in your neck and shoulders? Does your lower back ache all day? Do you get tension headaches, or even hip pain?

If so, you’re not alone. 80% of Americans have back problems and surrounding pain due to poor posture. If you don’t keep a healthy back now, it could result in serious problems later on.

The Mekato Neck is a natural, non-invasive treatment for your back. It keeps your spine straight as you go about your day. Because of the healthy alignment of your spine, the tension and pain you feel in your upper back, shoulders, neck, and lower back melt away.

It’s perfect for athletes, gamers, or anyone who works on a computer or spends time on a smartphone.


With repeated use, the muscles surrounding your vertebrae get stronger, and your back learns to stay straight on its own.

Mekato has 6 massage modes and 15-gear force modes to improve blood flow, soothe sore muscles, and relieve neck and back pain exactly how you need it.

The straps are engineered to allow free movement of your arms, neck, and shoulders. Because of the strong and flexible neoprene fabric, it stays firmly in place as you go about your day.

The straps fit comfortably around your arms without pinching or poking. You can adjust them to fit any body shape or size

Wear the Mekato Neck for 1-4 hours, and you’ll feel relief in one day. After 2 weeks, you’ll notice a big increase in strength, circulation, and confidence (Or your money back!)




Average Rating







Average Rating

Stefan C. - Washington

“This thing won’t even let you slouch. My friends have told me I look so much more confident. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually feel more confident. Super happy with my purchase.”

Crystal A. - Virginia

“I got 1 device instead of 2 in the mail. I called customer support and they expedited another one for me the next day. Super happy with the service.”

Dave T. - Pennsylvania

One of my main goals this year was to improve my posture. The Mekato Neck has helped so much. I noticed how my back tends to stay straight when I’m not even wearing it. Very cool! I highly recommend it.

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Why use Mekato Neck?


Natural and Convenient
It doesn’t require any prescriptions, appointments, or invasive treatments to relieve your back pain and live a better life. It takes 30 seconds to put on the device, adjust the straps, and feel better all day.

Confident, Attractive, and Healthy
You can look stronger, taller, and slimmer. Feel more confident and powerful right now for job interviews, social gatherings, and dates.

Strong, Soft, and Durable
It’s lightweight, breathable, and washable. It’s strong enough to stay in place all day, but soft and flexible enough to let you move freely.

Totally Discreet
It’s lightweight and folds easily so you can slip it in your bag and take it anywhere. Wear it under your clothes all day for invisible pain relief and posture correction.

Money-back guarantee for 30 days!
Our customers love the Mekato Neck posture corrector, and we have full confidence in our product. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

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